We have a special education event as part of this month’s support group meetings: PREVENTING SELF HARM AND SUICIDE IN OUR LGBTQ+ LOVED ONES We will be utilizing all three rooms on the third floor. We will have an adult educational talk, a youth talk, and one room (Room 315) for a traditional support meeting if anyone desires that or is new to the journey and only needing support. A guest speaker will be leading our adult talk with plenty of time for questions and valuable tools and resources. Another guest speaker will be leading the teen talk along with a former PFLAG Johns Creek teen who will be speaking on his experience with drug use and how it changed his brain and worsened his depression. You do not want your teen to miss this! In addition, a licensed professional counselor from Summit Counseling will be on hand for anyone having a hard time with the topic and needing a true counselor that night. It is our goal to have an open, honest, solutions-oriented conversation about this difficult topic. We hope you will join us for this special event! And know that for anyone who is new to the journey or in need of only support, we will have a traditional support meeting in Room 315. PFLAGJohnsCreek.org #PFLAGJohnsCreek #LGBTQSupport #LGBTQ #JohnsCreek #Alpharetta #roswellga

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